Sunday, 18 September 2011

Going Dynamic!

Fellow Tech-Geeks,
We know that you all have been waiting for this from a long time now and We hope that you will be happy to know that our Second Work-Shop has been scheduled on 25th of Sep'11.

It has been titled "Going Dynamic",since we will be discussing the creation of Dynamic Web-site using JavaScript and Free Open-Source Tools(FOSS).
It ain't just a common web-designing workshop,in that,we will also show you how to make use of the loads of ready-to-use API's offered by Google in order to enchance the user experience on your web-site.

The Speaker's for this workshop are:
  1. Lobo Joel
  2. Kaushal
  3. Girish O.M.
The workshop will be divided into 4 sessions:
  1. Free Softwares! My Preciousss!
  2. Do I really need to know about JavaScript ?!
  3. I needs more JavaScripts!
  4. API's? Ain't Heard of tha' thing b'fore..
 Each Session will be discussed with examples and all of them are linked,so it is advisable to attendees that they do not skip none of them,since it might become a little difficult for them to catch up later on.

Registration Coordinator's:
Shivakumar A R - 9620632940
Ravindra Kishan - 9886454245
Pradeep - 9538331962

  1. Food facility will also be provided by our student's.But again,it ain't free ;)
  2. Attendees are advised to bring their own laptop's with their charging adaptor's , if they need help in setting up their Machine's with the web-development tools available.
  3. Attendees won't be permitted inside the campus without a Photo-Identity Proof.

    Wednesday, 20 April 2011

    The Going has begun!

    "Hello World!"

    Yes,the first line of code has been executed!...Just kidding :-)

    I mean't that we have successfully created a Google Technology User Group(GTUG) in Ranebennur with the help of Google and myself,i.e., Kaushal.

    New members are coming by the hour to our group and we expect many more to come in the coming days.We are very excited about this and the plans for new Activities/Events are being laid out as i write this blog post.

    Member's are submitting new Ideas for conducting Seminar's and Workshops for which the respective collection of materials has begun.

    In short,soon we're expecting to grow from the "Hello World!" to many greater applications, but the Question is are you ready?

    If you think that you have what it takes to take up the mantle of a proogrammer, Do you wish to become like the Cool hacker's that are shown in the Hollywood movies? Do you have the dedication of a young Narayan Murthy who wanted to start an Organisation with just a few hundred rupees in his Pocket?

    If yes, then you are the kind of person we are looking for , in order to grow and nurture our minds.
    We never insult each other because of our inability to do something,instead all you'll get from our group is pure help and nothing else.
    Well not absolutely nothing else,we have loads of fun too ;-)

    See ya at GTUG ranebennur!

    P.S. For more info don't feel shy to send us a mail at or search for us on or you visit our official website at